Cam Chat Rules and Regulations

1. Do not show disrespect to other Chatruletka users. It's prohibited to:

  • be rude, use vulgar language, or leave hostile and disruptive comments, that may abuse other users, including the ones of sexual nature;
  • show discriminative behavior towards other users based on their nationality, race, religion, gender, age, or sexual orientation;
  • express threats or insults to your interlocutors;
  • use third-party software (extensions, plugins, bots, programs, etc.) to change service functionality, in any way harm other users or violate their rights.

2. Do not express sexually offensive behavior towards other videochat users, including:

  • being in a chat with naked chest without showing your face;
  • exposing yourself naked or wearing just underwear in the video chat;
  • demonstration of genitals and other intimate body parts to your interlocutors;
  • touching your genitals and demonstration of erect genitals, even through clothes;
  • taking other actions in the video chat that may be considered as obscene;
  • asking for virtual sex or offering it, as well as forcing to virtual sex;
  • using words or phrases in your conversation that may be considered as as obscene;
  • turning or tilting camera to show your body below chest.

3. Do not display irrelevant images instead of your face via your cam, including:

  • photos or images;
  • text messages;
  • image from your monitor;
  • content from webcam emulators.

4. Do not spam. The following activities are considered as spam and are prohibited in Chatruletka:

  • self-promotional activities, other promotional activities, including asking users to vote or take a survey, visit any URL, etc.;
  • demonstration or distribution of any video, text, or image promotional content and advertisements;
  • sending any external URL to other users during text chat;
  • sending any text messages in bulk.

5. Complaints:

  • If you find behavior of other user as abusive and violating the rules of Chatruletka, you may complain to a moderator. Please, attach a screenshot proving such behavior, if possible. Moderation is available on a 24/7 basis;
  • Users, towards which the numerous complaints are registered, will be banned automatically from our videochat. To avoid bans by mistake, the system takes numerous factors into account.

Please, note that our moderators are doing their best to prevent and punish the rules violation and make your experience on video chat smooth and pleasant. Unfortunately, its impossible to keep absolutely everything under control. Chatruletka administration doesn't bear responsibility for the users' actions in our videochat. Please, feel free to complain against rule violators. Let's work together towards making Chatruletka a better and more enjoyable place for communication!